How is the weather during winter in Tenerife?


This is a question I get often from friends and family.

They would like to come visit the island during winter months, when back home it’s cold and crappy weather almost every day, but they are uncertain regarding the weather in Tenerife.

Well people… my answer is: It Depends!

First of all, Tenerife has many microclimates – and that is why the weather in the South can be completely different from the north or even west coast.

If you’re coming for a holiday and you are seeking for lots of sunshine hours – then choose a place in the south area, in Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas, or Adeje.

The south is usually sunny and a lot warmer during winter.

You can expect temperatures between 20 -2 5 Celsius during daytime, so it’s safe to say you’ll be coming back with a winter tan.

However, especially in January and February you can expect some rainy days to happen, so consider yourselves warned. The temperatures are still better than the UK and you can spend the time bar hopping.

Would I recommend anyone a holiday in Tenerife over the winter months?

OF COURSE YES! For most people those are the best months to come visit, when almost all other places in Europe have cold and bad weather.

Just don’t be disappointed if you get the odd day of rainy time here also. And follow my tips for a great holiday on the island.



Author: Mary

I love the island of Tenerife and I want to spread this love around!

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