How to make papas arrugadas

Papas Arrugadas or Wrinkled Potatoes is the most traditional dish cooked in the Canary Islands.

You will find this dish in all the restaurants as a side dish, always accompanied with sauce. The sauce is called Mojo and depending on the island it will be different. In Tenerife you will find Mojo Verde (with coriander and garlic) and Mojo Rojo (with peppers).

Here is a video recipe that shows you how to prepare this meal at home.


The 2016 carnaval in Tenerife

Not many people know that in February each year it takes place the annual Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the capital of the island.

This is probably the second largest carnaval after the one in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and it takes place almost at the same time each year. The island choose it’s queen for one year and she is crowned in front of the people dancing in the streets.

It is such a lovely time and I was present once 4 years ago and I hope I will be able to go again.

12791129_1047875411901989_3336223158735673996_nThe image is from the Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife fan page

Snow in Tenerife 2016

Big surprise this year in Tenerife!

It was one of the biggest snowfalls from the last few years and even the roads to Teide were closed for a few days.

I have seen beautiful images with the snow on top of the volcano and I wish I could have been there to experience it!

I could not find a good video from the island but here is one from Gran Canaria, where the snow also hit and as you can see roads were covered and the access restricted, since the cars don’t have tires appropriated for winter time.

For the tourists visiting I think this was not what they were expecting when they chose their destination! Oh well…Natures is always unpredictable.

Holiday over – good to be back!

I am back from my usual vacation to this beautiful island and everything about it inspired me to start this blog and share my thoughts about what I’ve discovered so far.

On this blog I plan to share my impression as well as tips for discovering secret spots that are secret and where you will not find many tourists.

Until then I’ll put here a clip with a song about the beautiful Spanish archipelago, with beautiful from each island. Each island is different and has it’s own charm as I hope you too will discover.